• We’ve been busy with household tasks, planning repairs, and running errands. Dani fractured her ankle/foot, so she’s been in a boot for most of the month. Hopefully things look good when it’s re-imaged next month.
  • Since my last update, I’ve started planning new cabinets and work tables for our laundry area. Additionally, I started in on organizing the workshop. My old clamp rack did not make the move to the new house so a new one was constructed. Additionally, I’ve added french cleats to the walls, freeing up some valuable floor space. I still haven’t gotten around to adding power and lighting, which needs to be high on the task list.
  • I’m well into my 2019 reading list, including a number of books on design. The read of Joshua Klein’s book on Jonathan Fisher was fantastic. I’ve got a number of books on Craftsman homes and furniture lined up, as well as some books on traditional craft waiting at the library. You can see what is currently on the bookshelf over here.
Updated: January 20, 2019

Inspired by Derek Sivers by way of Patrick Rhone. This page will be occasionally updated with what I’m planning and doing.