• It’s been a busy few months. I had carpal tunnel release surgery on my right hand, which has been slowly healing for the past month. The fingers remain fairly stiff and the hand is significantly weaker than the left. I’m hoping to be back into the shop soon.
  • Speaking of which, since my last update, electrical and lighting has been added to the workshop. I’m still at a loss for how to resolve the issue of the amazingly out of level/irregular floor given evidence of a void under part of it.
  • The lumber is purchased for the base of our new dining room table. Once I have a bit more strength in the right hand, I’ll start into it.
  • The reading list has ballooned, with new books purchased and borrowed. You can see what is currently on the bookshelf over here.
Updated: May 27, 2019

Inspired by Derek Sivers by way of Patrick Rhone. This page will be occasionally updated with what I’m planning and doing.