Moving Shop

I have been working out of my current garage for about five years.  The space has converted from a shared garage to a full fledged wood shop during that period.  After completing the new workbench and adding proper lumber storage, the shop was finally set up in an open and efficient manner.

Then, we went and bought a house.  The process happened very fast, and we were careful to make sure there would be a space for a new wood shop. In the end, I’ll lose about 45 square feet of space, but should still be able to keep making furniture and decorative items.

That is, after I’ve got the new shop setup.  The garage that I’ll be taking over has no lights and no electricity at this point.  Furthermore, the old carriage doors are in need of total replacement after what has to be a few decades of neglect.  The concrete floor needs repairs and leveling. This will definitely involve a lot of work, and I hope to at least have a minimal shop up and running in the next month or two.  Watch for updates.