Preparing for the Next Project

Since I have finished the dutch tool chest last week, I’ve been thinking about the next project that I would like to make.

My goal for this project will be to:

  1. Learn at least one new technique; and,
  2. Make something that I will want to use on a regular basis in my home; and,
  3. Give a home to some rescued items.

I’ve been spending time looking at a number of traditional furniture styles with an eye toward the Shakers.  In particular, I think that I’d like to make something along the lines of a traditional candle stand.

However, I think I would like to add some inlay to this table.  I have a set of chess pieces that were rescued from a basement. They are currently sitting wrapped in old newspaper and need a more permanent and appropriate home.

Shaker Sewing Table
Shaker-inspired sewing stand from Christian Becksvoort.  Appearing in Fine Woodworking Issue #261

I’d like to base this on the table made by Christian Becksvoort in the May/June 2017 issue of Fine Woodworking.  However, I will be adding an inlayed/veneered chess board to the top of the table.  The drawers will act as storage for the chess pieces.

There are a few skills and techniques that I think this project will require.  This includes cutting sliding dovetails and veneering. I have some ambrosia maple boards in the shop that might be perfect for the top. More later…

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