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  • Skew your View

    Skew your View

    I’ve been turning the post for the chess table inefficiently.  I’ve generally done one step at a time on the post: bringing to round, turning the tenon, cutting down the area that will receive the sliding dovetails, etc.  Unfortunately, I bungled the layout and won’t be able to use it in the final table. Since […]

  • Shop Notes – 2017-10-20

    Turning I brought a fir 4×4 down to round this morning.  I need to sit and sketch out the pattern that I’d like for it, including taking measurements from the article I am working from to lay out for the top tenon and the bottom sliding dovetails. The blank was roughed out with a 1″ […]

  • Hollow Mortise Chisel Handle

    Hollow Mortise Chisel Handle

    Earlier this year, I rescued a hollow mortise chisel bit from a garage sale that we held at my parents’ house.  This tool had been hidden away in a tool box for a number of years.  It cleaned up quickly with some steel wool.  A file put a nice edge onto it.  The only thing […]