2017 Year End Wrap-Up

I’ve been a bit neglectful updating here recently.  Most of the past month has been spent on a number of small projects, including turning about a dozen pens, a small box, Christmas ornaments, and some other odds and ends.

Additionally, I finished a red oak candle stand based on the shaker table at Hancock village. The table is finished with garnet shellac and black wax.  This was my first time mixing shellac from flakes. The process was straightforward and produced a great initial finish.  The black wax on top highlighted the grain of the red oak, contributing to a fantastic color.  The process of cutting the sliding dovetail mortises continues to be difficulty after my third set.  After a few loose joints, I tried pre-drilling to depth at the stopped end of the slot. This definitely helped ensuring proper fit.  With luck the next table end will be perfect.

After posting a photo of the stand awaiting finishing, it was claimed by my sister.  The finished product now sits in her living room.  The base of the stand, including the legs and the post, are identical to what is planned for the chess table.

I’m currently working on a design for a carrier for two beer growlers.  The design relies primarily on dados and rabbets to join it all together snuggly and allow for an easy production run.  The joinery for the handle will probably need to be reworked as it is not conducive to cutting on the table saw.  The divider in the middle has also proven difficult to cut accurately.  I’ll also need to work up a jig to reproduce the cuts.

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