Growler Tote

As mentioned in an earlier post, it was suggested to me that I should build a carrier for beer growlers. That design, incorporating a number of different curves, proved to be a time suck in the shop.  I may return to it later, after having made proper templates for routing the various curved parts.  However, I wanted to simplify the project to make it easier to run a batch of ten to twenty at a time for sale.

A few design iterations later, and I have just about completed the first prototype.  As I’d like to offer this for sale eventually, I have started tracking time in shop to get a feel for how long it will take to be able to make a run of the tote.  This also meant tweaking the design to minimize the number setups that are required at the table saw.

I finished glue up on this one earlier today. A final sand and finish is all that is left.

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